To save Twitter, we must destroy it.

So many people had an experience like this. Twitter was fun, fast, easy to use; and brevity is the soul of wit. If you were a programmer, you’d often learn a new platform or language by writing a simple Twitter client; and tons of really smart people were writing interesting software that took advantage of all the new toys in our toy box, with Twitter as the base.

Fun times.

It got even better, for a while. Twitter replaced RSS, for many; a scan of your feed let you know where your friends were, what important software updates were released, and everything else you could want.

Yeah, there was the Fail Whale and porno bots but it wasn’t any worse than we’d seen already. And we had the Arab Spring! People got work by telling jokes on Twitter. We had Weird Twitter and Scottish Twitter and …

But then came GamerGate, followed shortly by their brothers in arms the Alt-Right, and Russian trolls, and now the dullard in the Oval Office.

Fuck Twitter.

The best thing to do to “fix” Twitter is to leave. It’s a white supremacist web site. It’s not getting better.

The solution is already there. RSS is still good, and usable. You can support independent media, like many good podcasts, instead of supporting a company that thinks that giving more characters for racist bile is the solution.

Everyone bitches and moans about walled gardens and “closed platforms” and “you are not the customer, you’re the product”. So take the air out of their sails. Stop “microblogging” and write real thoughts. Read long-form journalism. The internet has given us the tools. Use them.

The Enemy of my enemy

In “Web Sites and a Plug-in Free Web“, IE’s “Program Manager Lead” says:

“A plug-in free Web benefits consumers and developers and we all take part in the transition.”

I’m sort of cynical about this whole “no plugins” thing, when it comes to Microsoft. IE was a submarine made of Swiss cheese for the most critical years of the the web – crashy and a security nightmare.

The reason it was a security nightmare was because of plugins. And it was those plugins – mostly ActiveX controls and Flash, among others – that Microsoft needed as a critical cornerstone of its “embrace and extend” policies.

So: the web community in general looks forward to a world without plugins, it’s sort of annoying to have you guys act magnanimous and not acknowledge that you played a pretty big role in creating the mess.