The Enemy of my enemy

In “Web Sites and a Plug-in Free Web“, IE’s “Program Manager Lead” says:

“A plug-in free Web benefits consumers and developers and we all take part in the transition.”

I’m sort of cynical about this whole “no plugins” thing, when it comes to Microsoft. IE was a submarine made of Swiss cheese for the most critical years of the the web – crashy and a security nightmare.

The reason it was a security nightmare was because of plugins. And it was those plugins – mostly ActiveX controls and Flash, among others – that Microsoft needed as a critical cornerstone of its “embrace and extend” policies.

So: the web community in general looks forward to a world without plugins, it’s sort of annoying to have you guys act magnanimous and not acknowledge that you played a pretty big role in creating the mess.


Not understanding the lessons of history: Windows 8 is going to be a *smash hit*, you guys

Extremetech asks the question, “Is Microsoft flailing?” with respect to Windows 8 and some serious criticisms.

Very interested in a “withering” criticism of Windows 8 and Metro, I click through, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but those 2 words that send shivers through my spine:

John. Dvorak.

People. John Dvorak has never been right about anything, ever.

The Macintosh uses an experimental pointing device called a ‘mouse’. There is no evidence that people want to use these things.


And from there it’s been one endless pageview troll after another, for his entire career. I’m pretty sure he’s never been right about anything. (Wikipedia calls it his “pithy” style “attracts critics who point out his frequent—and occasionally egregious—errors of prediction”.

So from that you can pretty much expect that Windows 8 and Metro will be a smash hit, much like the “mouse” that no one wanted.