Hoarding ammo is for morons and LARPers

So here we are in The End Times, and I’ve heard/seen numerous remarks that say people are buying ammo at roughly the same rate they bought toilet paper.

You know that saying, “Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics”? Yeah this is the same deal.

My main reason: What the fuck are you going to do with 1000+ rounds? Defend your suburban single-family home like some sort of fortress? You and the missus and your 2 1/2 kids are going to all need hundreds and hundreds of rounds to cover their assigned sectors, as you live out your own personal Khe Sahn?

Are you fucking kidding me?

The idea of home-as-fortress is hilariously dumb. In most places, even in suburbs, we live jam-packed cheek-to-jowl with almost no open space. It’ll take a trivial amount of gasoline or some other flammable just just burn you out. They don’t even need to attack you specifically. You can be holed up, quietly, and our hypothetical bad guys can just start any ol’ fire and fuck everyone up.

You’re solving the dumbest part of the tactical problem.

The second reason is mass. Let’s say the shit hits the fan, and you realize, oh fuck, I can’t turn my suburban townhouse into a fortress; I gotta get the fuck outta here. The roads are already gridlocked as others try to flee, so you can’t drive. So you throw some MREs and a sleeping bag into your pack, and grab your rifle. Now what?

If you’re me, it’s at least 2 hard days of walking to get away from the city. Assuming I was doing it stealthily – say, at night, or taking as many indirect routes as possible – it might take a week to get away from what is officially “northern Virginia” and into the wilderness.

Do you know what a week’s worth of gear weighs before you pile on any ammo? Here’s a couple decent answers on how much ammo a modern infantryman can carry when well supported and supplied. Here are some numbers for the WW2 soldier.

Now remember, the shit has hit the fan, and you’re carrying a bunch of camping gear. Think you can still pull it off?

No, you can’t.

I get it, you’re a bad motherfucker. I mean just look at that AR you bought, you’re clearly an operator operating operationally. That doesn’t change the fact that ammo is heavy and you have to eat.

A few mags worth is all you really need in the most dire SHTF scenario. If anything other than “laying down cover while I run for it” is your plan, you’re an idiot LARPer. Pitched battles mean something has gone horribly wrong and you probably deserve to die because you fucked up.

Also, this is America. In the event of a SHTF scenario, ammo and guns are going to be laying around like loot in a fucking video game before long.

Sure, I mean, buy 1000 rounds to get the cheap price and practice a lot – it’s what I do. But HOARDING? Are you a fucking idiot?

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