At some point, they’re going to try death squads

So, a bit of meandering here.

As you can easily see by reading this blog, I’m a “gun guy”. But I’m also a leftist. So what do you do when you believe in socialism and firearms ownership? Well, I joined the Socialist Rifle Association (Wikipedia).

One of the points the SRA supports is community defense, especially for marginalized people. Moreover, the cops can’t be trusted to defend the marginalized or the working class. The purpose of the police is to defend capital; to defend the property (and power) of the bourgeois.

This is a bad thing, but it’s made worse by those in power adopting the iconography of violence and making violence as strength their identity.

You can read more about that here. I used to be very much into “tacticool”. I’m not any more. There’s a lot of reasons; if nothing else, it’s just my aesthetic has changed as I get older: I don’t want to look like that. Yeah, maybe I have a Glock 43 in an appendix holster, but I’d rather look like Indiana Jones externally than Frank Castle. (Indy gets mad tail, yo.)

So combine those two things. And we have this:

What started as a bunch of dumb nonsense on a chan is now a combination of ARG, supernatural fantasy, and violent fascist movement.

Who do you think the cops are going to side with, when these guys finally decide to murder everyone with a Bernie sticker on their car? Here, let me help you answer that.

You can find more if you care. Suffice it to say if you expect cops to protect you, I have some bad news for you.

To be clear: I don’t think these lunatics will “win”. To my mind, the most probable outcome is isolated lunatics just do some mass-shooting while screaming Qanon memes, and they’ll be subsequently put down, because they’re disrupting the system.


A Bundy Ranch standoff situation (1, 2) that goes from the nuts pointing guns to killing a few LEOs and/or civilians. Since the critical mass won’t be with them – there’s not going to be a mass uprising of “patriot” groups, and most QAnon followers are fat, dumb boomers or the local village idiot – the ones just hoping to LARP will surrender/flee and the rest will end up as the latest iteration of Branch Davidian.

Everyone wants to be the hero protagonist of a world-saving narrative. We don’t live in that kind of world (if we ever did). At some point this is just cult behavior, accepted and tolerated like other cults (see also eg prosperity gospel and other fringe christian movements).

I wish I had an answer other then “do not succumb to paranoia, but be watchful”. Particularly be mindful of marginalized people. They’re going to be the lowest-hanging fruit for these psychos. You don’t have to become a leftist or join some group. You just have to do the right thing and protect the workers, the exploited, the marginalized.

And don’t trust anyone with a death’s head.

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