First World Problems (an ongoing series)

Problem: The Hellscape Bird Site is bad for my mental health, the mental health of others, and probably society at large.

Problem: it’s where the “action” is, lots of people I know online are only there and nowhere else, and it is occasionally valuable for news esp. in the tech world.

I can’t leave and I can’t stay.

Solution one: unfollow lots of people. good but people are still going to retoot shit into your timeline.

Solution two: mute like a mofo. better maybe. manual effort.

Solution three: fix our culture. unlikely in the short term.

3 thoughts on “First World Problems (an ongoing series)

  1. I don’t follow many people who I don’t generally jive with their world view. I follow maybe less than a handful of people that I generally disagree with but are tolerable… just to make sure I don’t live in a complete echo chamber.

    1. There are, for example, names that you simply cannot type into twitter and not get mobbed. weirdos run persistent searches and mob people who malign (or even question!) their hero. moreover it’s easy to end up in a state that is simultaneously an echo chamber and a whirlwind of negativity and hate. and the nazis. oh god, the nazis.

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