Pay for things dammit

Just a note, some things I pay for like a moron instead of expecting surveillance capitalism to give it to me for free:

Fastmail – Fuck Google, fuck Gmail. – replacing WordPress as my blog platform when the subscription runs out.

Overcast – I don’t use a lot of the actual features, but it’s better than the Apple Podcast app, I guess.

Apollo – I don’t consider myself “a redditor” but I do browse reddit enough that having a real app is worth it.

Things I’ve experimented with paying for:

Evernote – it’s pretty OK I guess. I will pay for a year, and use it for 3-4 months then just go back to Notes on my phone, because my note-taking needs are so minimal. Then I’ll not use it for 3-4 months, feel shitty that I’m wasting my money, and use it. Then let the subscription expire. Then a year later, repeat. Currently, Notes sync doesn’t work, so I’m using it. Once (if?) Apple fixes Notes sync I’ll probably go back.

Remember The Milk – See “Evernote”, only for reminders and tasks. It’s a damn good app; my only complaint is they did a shit job on the iPad form factor. I just keep going back and forth with “my actual to-do list needs are SO. DAMN. MINIMAL. that I can get by with the shit Reminders app on my phone”. Or, alternatively, I only need an actually good to-do app in short bursts.

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