Let’s all panic

God fucking dammit.

Yes all you need to turn an 80% AR lower into a gun is:

  1. An AR lower parts kit
  2. An upper with bolt carrier group and charging handle
  3. A stock or brace
  4. A pistol grip
  5. A machinists vice
  6. A drill press
  7. Assorted hand tools
  8. AR wrench
  9. Dremel tool

Oh and like, you’re probably going to have to try 3 or 4 times unless you’re an experienced gunsmith, armorer, or machinist.

Oh and after you’ve done all that, there’s no guarantee it’ll even work reliably. Depends on how good of a machinist you are.

I’ve got an 80% lower that is “in progress”. It’s in progress because

  1. I don’t have a lot of free time and

also it’s cheaper to just buy a fucking AR. Cost of a cheap AR carbine: $450. Cost of AR parts: I’m about $700 in, but you can go cheaper, if you try.

They’re not turning these out on the street. The real ones are cheaper and easier to obtain, will work reliably, and don’t require motherfucking power tools and literal hours of your life.

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