Jimmy, the cop from John Wick

I have a headcanon about Jimmy, the cop from the John Wick series.

We don’t know a lot about Jimmy, except that:

  • He knows John on some personal level, meaning he knows who John really is
  • He is willing to compromise the law to protect John.

In my head, I have a more slightly larger story.

Jimmy was a corrupt cop, bought and paid by one of the gangs who were rivals to Tarasov.

On the night Wick bloodily paid his debt to Viggo, Jimmy had a chance to kill John. He learned John was trying to leave, and for love.

Feeling extreme guilt about his own inability to leave “the life”, he stayed his hand, and aided John instead.

And so John left, and took Jimmy with him. Jimmy stayed a cop, but continues to watch John’s back.

I am a huge nerd.

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