Things I wish were represented in RPGs but never are

You’re running low on water and you know it’s not too many miles ahead but you have none now.

I am wearing everything I own and I’m still cold.

Why won’t this goddamn tinder catch.

This fucking axe is sharper than a razor and harder than a diamond, how did that hit just bounce off that goddamn tree with nary a nick.

Is it going to rain? Fuck it’s going to rain. But like, in an hour? Or 3?

I’m in great shape and fit, why are my thighs rubbing in an uncomfortable way.

Are we near the ridge? We should be. How much longer. Maybe an hour? Or 3?

My clothes are so wet from sweat, when the sun goes down, I will probably die of exposure. But FUCK I can’t get a fire started! (See above)

WHAT the FUCK was that NOISE?

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