Why we can’t have nice things: an ongoing series

Today’s edition brought to you by http://beranger.org/2014/06/01/android-4-5-end-of-road/

I strongly need rooting at least to remove the ads from individual apps — most of which don’t even have a paid, ad-free version.  I also need rooting … to really clean my system every now and then. With almost 300 installed apps, I need to be in tight control of my phone — it’s my phone, not Google’s, dammit!

So much to dissect here. So much.

“I strongly need rooting to at least remove the ads from individual apps – most of which don’t even have a paid, ad-free version.” OK right out of the gate, I need to say: I know that feel, bro. One of the biggest things to turn me off from an app is intrusive advertising I can’t get rid of.

However! The developer has made a choice. It’s kind of a take on Gnu’s “Freedom 0”: the “right” to monetize the app as they see fit. 

Here is another way to phrase that sentence: “I strongly need rooting to remove ads from apps, because fuck that guy who wants to be compensated for his effort. I don’t agree with his decision, so fuck him.”

Since the OP notes that he wants to pay for things, I am going to assume that he’s not one of those fucking parasites that sees there’s an ad-free or fully-enabled version and just pirates it. 

The point is, software developers make choices on how, if at all, they’re going to monetize their work. Disagreeing with that choice does not give you the right to continue to use their apps.

Moving on: “I also need rooting to really clean my system”. Uh, what sort of shit is Android that it can’t manage itself effectively and needs me to fucking sysadmin my phone. God, is every Android user having to do this? Or just the massively OCD nerds who think that every last disk block must be personally inspected for freshness?

If your phone needs that much effort, maybe just maybe it’s a piece of shit? Just saying. Most desktop operating systems need that level of effort and they’re complete shit.

Lastly, a fine 2-parter: “With almost 300 installed apps”. Sweet tap-dancing Moses, what the fuck do you do? I don’t have 300 apps installed on my computer that I use to develop software (a notoriously software-heavy process)! 

(Sidebar: Obviously, as a developer, I’m not counting stuff like /usr/bin, which on my Mac has 1047 items. But I have all of 106 apps in /Applications, and honestly I haven’t launched some of those as long as I’ve been using a Mac – I mean, Chess.app?)

And that last wonderful line: “I need to be in tight control of my phone”. Just curious, do you ever use to make phone calls? Because it certainly doesn’t read like you do. 

“It’s my phone, not Google’s, dammit!” AH, yes, the first time you fall off the turnip truck it does hurt a little.

The bulk of high-end smartphones on the market are essentially owned by their software maker and telco. If you want to “own” your phone, buy a burner, full stop. 

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