My frustration with NodeJS specifically and JavaScript in general is just through the roof at this point.

The churn of frameworks and libraries in NodeJS is getting completely out of hand. I have a few feeds (Reddit, etc) and it is almost exclusively some new Rails-a-like packaging of Express, a new build system meant to replace `make` and shell scripts, or more MV* frameworks (each with varying amounts of ES6 and weird features).

I just can’t take it. I think it’s finally overwhelmed by ability to give any fucks. Being involved in the NodeJS or JavaScript “community at large” is a guarantee of drinking from the firehose of this nonsense, and I am just done. I can’t be arsed to care much any more.

My heart is wandering back to Python more and more. Staid, ugly, boring Python. Synchronous, the global interpreter lock, give it to me. The rate of change is far too slow, but Python can speed up. The Python community can change.

I don’t believe JS can be reasonable at this point. They’re too invested in not caring about sustainability, “the long term”, whatever.

Maybe I’ll change my mind later. I still like JavaScript for lots of things: it’s optimal for so many tasks. But I feel like, writing big programs in JavaScript at this point is just adding to the noise.

(Totally unrelated, when did WordPress start to act like Tumblr? I mean, they have the same posting category thing now.)

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