Atom is nothing new

So now the please-give-me-an-invite du jour is Atom, a new editor from Github.

Here’s the skinny: it’s written using one of the Chromium-as-app platforms (CEF, I guess?), and is mostly written in JavaScript (well, Coffeescript). It looks like Sublime. You style it with CSS. The core is closed-source.

Um, Komodo?

Komodo differs in some ways, of course. Komodo embeds the Scintilla editor. Python is available for macros and extensions. Node is not available, only Spidermonkey. Mozilla still uses XUL.

Nonetheless it amazes me that nerds are gaga over Atom (or CEF) when all the moving parts have been around – steadily used in the real world – for a decade.

(haha just kidding, I’m not shocked at all.)

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