I backed App.Net! But so what.

I decided to join the nerd elite and back App.Net. And like many of the nerd elite, I am now required to explain why.

  1. I’ve never backed anything! I have been wanting to pop my Kickstarter cherry, and I use Twitter-like things more than, say, a video game.
  2. I have poor impulse control.
  3. I genuinely hope it works, for whatever values of “it” and “works” we’re dealing with.

In short I like the idea of a Twitter-like thing that is open to developers to do whatever they want to do. I like the idea of Twitter-as-RSS; Twitter doesn’t. I like innovation in “activity streams”; Twitter doesn’t.

So why not. But so what? Money is flying around like mad these days, but whether it’s my 50 bucks or venture, execution is still what really matters.

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