New Phone!

I got a new phone, and a new phone number. If you’re curious that number is:



Contrary to what you’d probably guess, I didn’t get an iPhone; I got a Blackberry, and the free one at that (a 9300 series).

“But Blackberry sucks! They’re going out of business!”, you may think. You’re right, sort of.

One thing I learned since I got an iPad was I don’t like the smartphone form factor. Increasing the size of the device (what seems like the current Android device solution) to me just seems to create a form factor that’s further inferior to both the slightly smaller iPhone and larger iPad.

The things I want most from a phone are the 3 “T’s”: Talk, Text, and Twitter. I’d like decent email support. And that’s … pretty much it. Maps or a web browser or Angry Birds or ssh or 10 billion other things, I simply don’t do. I made myself angry (and spent too much money) trying to convince myself otherwise.

For all of the OMG BLACKBERRY SUCKS talk, it is still a pretty good email and text device. From my point of view, the recent problems with RIM are more about “how did you idiots make so many bad decisions in a row, when you were on top?” more than “your technology sucks”. They’re making bad decisions with an otherwise workable tech platform.

One day, when I go places and do things, maybe I’ll upgrade to an iPhone. Until then, my iPad is all I need for most everything, and the Blackberry is my ideal handset.

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