Syncing and RSS readers

Brent Simmons, he of NetNewsWire fame and demigod of the indie Mac scene, details all the problems with syncing in general and Google Reader in particular.

I disabled Google Reader sync last night and switched back to NetNewsWire on the desktop, doing local sync.

On the plus side, there’s not a HUGE amount of feeds I follow any more. Also, I never go anywhere so the lack of Google Reader sync isn’t crippling.

BUT: my main use case is, Mac downstairs as “digital hub” and iPad everywhere else (couch, bed, porch, etc). Unless I’m sitting at my Mac to do work, I’m using my iPad; I watch TV on my Apple TV; I listen to music streamed from the Mac via Home Sharing from iTunes.

What I really really want is to have NetNewsWire/iPad to sync to the desktop, much in the way the Yojimbo iPad app does.

I know it’s not some “look at me I’m SUPER MOBILE”, work-at-the-coffee-shop thing, but it works great and is probably (hopefully?) less error-prone than the scenarios Brent describes.

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