Fixing PHP: Perhaps more contributors is the solution

I had an alternate take on a point in this excellent post.

However, falling back on cavalier attitudes like the ones behind the statement “nothing is stopping you from contributing” is both insulting and counter-productive.

The alternate view is that lots and lots of things stop people from contributing to PHP: from a possibly daunting learning curve to lack of experience with a language engine to lack of C experience to the occasionally frosty nature of Internals.

It’s a pie-in-the-sky idea that will never happen, but if more of PHP was written in PHP, more people could contribute meaningfully; perhaps it would be easier to write tests, and fix problems.

Of course that potentially (if not probably) means re-writing the Zend Engine (think PyPy or Rubinius) and that’s just not going to happen, probably ever (for some unknown value of ‘ever’).


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