Safari 5.1 and “random reload”

So by now, you probably have an iPad. Right? There’s like, eleventy-billion of them sold so far, or something.

At some point you’ve probably been browsing around on the web, and then decided to play some Angry Birds, then back to web browsing. You open up Safari, and there’s the page you were reading; or at least there will be in a moment, because it just reloaded. Some times you can have a couple of “tabs” open, and visiting each in turn forces a page reload.

It’s incredibly annoying, but it makes sense: there’s precious little memory – real and virtual – and so some algorithm decides if a page should be kept in cache or flushed.

Well, Apple decided this was SO. INCREDIBLY. FUCKING. AWESOME. they decided to include it in Safari 5.1 for OS X. If I was using Lion to type this, I’d include the little shit icon/emoji.

Presumably this is some way to stop shitty JavaScripts from leaking and beachballing the entire OS. Or maybe they just thought it “just worked”.

Suffice it to say, many people aren’t happy. It’s finally gotten to me, having had a page reload in front of me while I was using it, with no other tabs open. That’s right: Safari had exactly 1 window with additional tabs and I got a page reload whilst flipping between my editor and the page o’ documentation.

Scuttlebutt is that disabling Java fixes it. I don’t know; in any event I have mission-critical services for work that require both Flash and Java, so I guess I am sort of screwed.

This brings up my eternal gripes with Firefox and Chrome: they annoy me to NO. END. As an example, I can’t get Chrome to set the icon in the Downloads folder, so whatever I last downloaded – disk image, picture, document, whatever – is the default white rectangle in my Dock. Always. That sort of makes the Downloads folder pointless (as a Dock item, anyway, in my humble but correct opinion). I tend to use it rather a lot, so having it not work is a giant poke in the eye.

There’s about 20 other things about Chrome I can’t seem to find an extension to correct. I honestly don’t see how people use it, on Mac OS X anyway, because it’s just covered in sharp edges. Is there anything more popular and yet, more warty and unpleasant?

Oh, right. Firefox. Don’t get me started: every time I open it, some extension is disabled for some reason or another. Now they’ve unveiled a plan to make that worse which is pretty great. I’ve only just figured out how to convince Firefox to stop grabbing the default client preference on my Mac – years after I’d decided Transmit was the best ever.


The point of this rant is that I’m pretty unhappy now with every browser out there. If I can’t find the switch for Safari’s “use the ungodly amounts of RAM I can buy cheaply” setting, what the hell do I do?

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