Chrome Annoyances

I’m trying to stick with Google Chrome, but it has a few rough edges that seem to make me INSANE. Somehow, these tweak my nerd-brain OCD and I can’t imagine how anyone uses it.

In no particular order:

  • I hate having to tell it where to download an image, every single time. Since Mac OS X has a ‘Downloads’ folder, let me just save images I right-click on.
  • Related, give me the option to make the downloads statusbar go away.
  • The correct keybinding for switching between browser tabs on Mac OS X is command-shift-arrow (left or right). Command-shift-bracket (command-curly) thankfully exists, but do migrating Safari users really use that?
  • I would be thrilled to be able to tweak the speed at which Google Instant works, among other things. In general Instant is a train-wreck for me, so I disabled it. We operate at different speeds.
  • Every extension seems to want to add a toolbar button, whether it needs it or not.
  • My fav Safari extensions, ClickToFlash and Adblock, seem to work better on Safari.
  • I can’t figure out where my bookmarks are synced to, so I could (for example) view them on my iPad. This means 100% of things have to be on Pinboard. Frankly I’d rather keep a few things off Pinboard.

There’s probably a few other things. Chrome is usually faster and varying degrees of more stable, so I want to use it; but Safari “feels nicer” despite beachballing then gronking the entire machine.

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