Metabolizing alcohol

So, from time to time, I go camping. And on said camping trips, it is not uncommon for me (and others) to drink frankly embarassing amounts of booze.

Nothing new there, right? But here’s the mystery: in years of drinking WAY too much around a campfire, I’ve never once barfed, never once worken up in any state of hangover that couldn’t be fixed with a cup of coffee. No one ever gets sick or hungover.

This weekend, for example, my teeny tiny slip of a lass of a wife drank, like, half a bottle of rum by herself. You don’t want to know how much I put down.

At home, 2 glasses of red wine with dinner and the next morning I’m foggy and have a headache. When I’m camping, I’m washing down bottles of bourbon with more bourbon with nary a problem.

WHY? How does being outside impart superhuman ability to metabolize alcohol?

I have 2 very shaky theories. One, there is such a generally higher level of activity relative to home, it somehow boosts overall metabolism, including processing the alcohol. Two, the lack of a temperature controlled environment (eg it’s frigging cold at night) increases overall metabolism – all that sugar in the alcohol gets burned up keeping us warm.

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