The Setup

In the grand tradition of The Setup, here’s my random list of stuffs:

MacVim is my primary editor. Plugins are:

  • snipmate
  • NERDTree & NERDCommenter
  • surround
  • Fugitive
  • bufexplorer
  • scratch
  • vimwiki & vimtodo
  • taglist

I also keep PHPStorm around for doing certain things, if only because it’ll do formatting and error-checking. It also has considerable utility for certain projects; as much as I loves me some Vim, a couple of our larger PHP codebases are best served by an IDE.

Transmit for remote stuff mostly using mount-as-disk so I can just use native paths in Vim w/o having to use netrc or constantly have Growl alerts that the file has been uploaded.

1Password for storing passwords/logins, a tool I cannot recommend highly enough. This has easily become my #1 app.

Starting in Leopard the Cocoa/Java bridge is deprecated, and in Snow Leopard it’s just flat-out gone, so no SQLGrinder; I use Sequel Pro instead.

The rest of the kit is mostly OSX-standard stuff; I use and Safari, for example, and the basic Twitter client.

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